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Want to get more help with interns 
This works especially well if you are super overworked and have too much on your plate...
Keep scrolling to see what I mean!
Your day starts a little something like this...

You’re sitting at your kitchen table and even before you open your laptop, you wish the day was over.

Because all you hear in your head is what you should do, need to do, and have to do.

Should. Need. Have To.

Let's ban those words and find a better way to get things done in your business!
You Get My Easiest To Implement Step-By-Step Video Trainings That Will Have You Growing Your Team In Less Than 60-Minutes - Priced at Only $97!
Here's Everything You're Getting Right Now...
This is broken into 2 parts:
   1. How you describe the position
   2. What you ask on an application 

These are 2 pieces are important to attract the right interns!
It’s critical to know where you can find great interns. I share where I found my 3 interns as well as other opportunities for you to expand your search.
There’s going to be tons of back and forth between you and the intern candidates during the hiring process. Prepare the emails and documentation so you can just copy/paste to the candidates!
Make sure you create an incredible on-boarding experience so your interns can start off on the right foot. It’s important that you setup your team for success. 
With all the time and frustration Impact with Interns will save you, I could easily sell this training for over $300…
It's only $97!
I currently have a team of 3 interns (plus a Project Manager) to expand my reach and multiply my efforts.

And dare I say….it’s working marvelously!

I’m VERY passionate about helping out young college folks get experience before they graduate because well….I had 12 internships in college and was obsessed with building my portfolio.

I KNOW that there are other college graduates who want that same opportunity. 
And Your Special Bonuses are Below!
BONUS #1: Internship Agreement Worksheet - A $97 Value Yours FREE
This is to make sure your tail is protected. I’m not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice. This is just a tool I use to keep boundaries and expectations in line.
BONUS #2: Team Toolkit - A $97 Value Yours FREE
These are the best resources for handling team communication. Make sure that you set you and your team up for success!
BONUS #3: LastPass Tutorial - A $97 Value Yours FREE
This is a PSA to not give out your passwords to your team members! I’ll show you how to stay organized with your interns (and yourself) by using this tool.
BONUS #4: My Intern Processes - A $97 Value Yours FREE
I share with you that it’s important for you to have a process in place before hiring. I give you the exact tools I use for the 4 most common internships opportunities for you to swipe and use for your benefit.
If You Bought Everything Separately
This is a Massive $561 Total Value
Yours for ONLY $97
Refund Policy: No refunds are available for this package.
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